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Taxi Brussels Airport to Leuven

Mercedes Saloon

Max pax: 2 | Max luggage: 2

Taxi Brussels Airport to Leuven

Mercedes Break

Max pax: 3 | Max luggage: 3

Taxi Brussels Airport to Leuven

Mercedes V class

Max pax: 8 | Max luggage: 8

Booking your airport taxi transfer online could not be easier with our secure online booking. Through our booking system you can also calculate the price. We ask you to book a taxi at least one day in advance by using our online booking form and do not forget to give us the details like flight number.

You can check  including fares for trips from Brussels Airport to Leuven. We provide fare calculators on our websites or allow you to request a quote based on your specific needs. You can also find contact information to directly inquire about pricing and book your taxi service. We provide transfers from Brussels Airport to Leuven even at night, the prices will be the same as during the day. The clients pay ther driver when arrive at destination. 

Based on your request, the booking system can calculate the price of your transport without having to book.

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Historic Architecture: Leuven boasts a picturesque medieval city center adorned with stunning Gothic architecture. The iconic Town Hall (Stadhuis) with its ornate façade and the imposing St. Peter’s Church (Sint-Pieterskerk) are prominent landmarks that reflect the city’s illustrious past.

Cultural Hub: As the home of the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven), one of the oldest universities in the world, Leuven has a dynamic cultural scene. The university campus, along with museums like the M-Museum Leuven and the University Library, contribute to the city’s intellectual and artistic vibrancy.
Lively Atmosphere: Leuven exudes a lively atmosphere, particularly around its Old Market Square (Oude Markt), known as the “longest bar in the world” due to its abundance of cafes and bars. The square is a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike, especially during festivals and events.

Stella Artois Heritage: Beer enthusiasts will appreciate Leuven’s connection to the renowned Stella Artois brewery. The brewery, established in the city in 1366, offers tours where visitors can learn about the brewing process and enjoy tastings of Stella Artois and other Belgian beers.

Green Spaces: Despite its urban character, Leuven offers plenty of green spaces for relaxation and recreation. The Leuven Botanical Garden (Kruidtuin) is a tranquil oasis showcasing diverse plant species, while nearby parks like the Park Abbey (Abdij van Park) provide opportunities for leisurely strolls.
Overall, Leuven captivates visitors with its historic charm, cultural richness, and warm hospitality, making it a delightful destination to explore in Belgium.some potential business locations in Leuven:

Leuven Business Center

Leuven Innovation Center – Haasrode Research Park – Leuven Science Park – Interleuven Business Park – Leuven Technology Park
Arenberg Science Park – Heverlee Business Park – Interleuven Research Campus – Leuven Bio-Incubator